Create simple trading
widgets — in minutes.

The Hydro Widget empowers you to sell tokens directly to your community through a fast, simple, and intuitive interface.

You’re on Mainnet, try it out on Ropsten.

Decentralized projects have no easy and cost effective way to sell tokens to their users. Hydro provides
a simple way for your community to buy and sell tokens with just a few lines of code.
No Listing Fee
Listing on traditional centralized exchanges can cost millions of dollars. Hydro is free.
Liquidity Solved
Hydro comes with a powerful liquidity pool mechanism that solves all of your liquidity problems.
Smooth, Intuitive Interface
No lengthy account creations, no complex order and fee structures, and no need to redirect users to a 3rd party website.
Getting started is easy, simply login to your console and enter in your projects data. Once complete,
just copy paste one line of code and you can start selling tokens directly to your community.
Seamless Token Purchasing
The Hydro Widget integrates directly within your DAPP. Users can buy/sell your tokens using their active digital wallet without ever leaving your platform!
Fast, Simple, Secure
Simple, painless token purchases that take only 1-2 minutes to compete. Hydro Swap is a secure, non-custodial decentralized token swap utility powered by the 0x protocol.
Liquidity Solved
The Hydro Widget comes with 3 types of built in liquidity options: constant, algorithmic, and adaptive (based on existing exchange listings)
You can easily customize visual parameters (logo/theme/size) and other key order parameters like spread, fees, and min/max order sizes through the Hydro admin panel.
Getting started is easy. Paste the following line of code into your site to see how it looks now!
Then sign up to get an account. We will help you hook up liquidity and get everything running smoothly.
<script src="" data-id="f906cec3-95c8-4703-82d0-f12fbe96609f"></script>
Our global team of blockchain experts founded the Hydro Protocol and DDEX, one of the world's largest
decentralized exchanges. You can find more information about our team on the Hydro Protocol homepage.
DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on the Hydro Protocol and offers instant, real-time order matching with secure on-chain settlement.
Next-generation network transport layer protocol for hybrid decentralized exchanges that utilizes Federated Liquidity Pools' (FLP) to address the issue of liquidity.
Fill out the contact form below and we’ll set up a 30 minute introductory
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